About The Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI) Research Office

We proudly oversees the operations and impact of research involving medical imaging and is centrally based out of the University Health Network.

We are one of Canada’s largest academic medical imaging departments.

Our research is divided into 9 sub-specialties:
  • neuroradiology
  • musculoskeletal imaging
  • interventional neuroradiology
  • interventional vascular & general radiology,
  • abdominal imaging
  • cardiothoracic imaging
  • Centre for Excellence in Skeletal Health Assessment (CESHA)
  • molecular imaging
  • breast imaging

JDMI Research Leadership

The JDMI research team is composed of an interdisciplinary team of staff, scientists, clinicians, medical education trainees and research trainees.

Miran Kenk

Manager, Planning & Operations

Miran leads JDMI’s research portfolio which encompasses the research operations involving medical imaging at University Health Network. Additionally, he leads the JDMI Artificial Intelligence Office which oversees AI/ML projects utilizing imaging data. Miran holds a PhD from University of Ottawa and a BSc in Pharmacology & Toxicology from University of Toronto.

Luke Brzozowsk

Sr. Director, Techna & Diagnostic Innovation

Dr. Luke Brzozowski is the Executive Director for Translational Research and Cores Facilities at UHN with a portfolio that covers over 20 business units and a number of large scale innovation programs. He also leads Techna Development Team, made out of project managers, engineers, and software developers who lead, manage, and carry out health innovation programs and projects in a hospital environment. Luke also heads the Diagnostic Research Office for the Joint Department of Medical Imaging and Laboratory Medicine Program at UHN, and is the executive sponsor for the Theranostics Program at UHN. Over the last few years Luke served as the President of the board of CanProbe, a startup in the field of molecular imaging and theranostics. Prior to joining UHN, Luke held management positions in the development, marketing, legal, and regulatory departments in the health technology industry and pharmaceutical CRO. Luke is the recipient of the 2003 Governor General’s Gold Medal for his Doctorate in nanotechnology and nonlinear optics from the University of Toronto.

Tracey Lui

Director, Translational Research & Innovation

Tracey is the Manager of Strategy for the Office of Technology and Innovation which includes UHN Digital, the Department of Medical Engineering, Medical Physics, and the Techna Institute. She ensures alignment of the Office of T&I to UHN’s overall strategic plan through the stewardship of strategic projects and partnerships. She joined Techna, as its first employee, in 2012 and continues to oversee Techna’s research operations and faculty portfolio.

Prior to joining Techna, she worked in the Radiation Safety Office at UHN where she implemented safety standards for staff and ensured regulatory compliance with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Tracey graduated from the McMaster University with a B.Sc in Medical and Health Physics (2005) and received her MSc in Medical Biophysics at the University of Western Ontario (2008).